Six Mile Gorge

January 28, 2012

A walk on the loop trail, from the Recreational Way, down to the reservoir and back. Wind blowing in the treetops. Creaking of pines. Snap of branches: tree on tree or deer on tree? Squelch of shoes in mud and wet leaves. Distant barks. Beyond the reservoir, gunshots or hammer blows. The wind builds as I approach the dam, until I realize I’m not hearing wind, but water rushing over the concrete sluice. I turn toward the reservoir: one rock plops into the thinned ice near shore. The other rock lands, with a rattle, on thicker ice at the end of my toss. Back on the Recreational Way, the kind voices of some strangers asking me about the trail. Calmer here. A titmouse, making two notes, tamely, on a branch almost right above my head. Peep calls of other birds softly, invisibly threading the leaves all around. Chickadees or cardinals? De dee dee dee dee, laughing of chickadees. Wind or deer brushes the stubble grass of a clearing beyond the berm. JS


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