February 9, 2012

I find early mornings to be the easiest time for me to attempt to answer the “Listening Questions” from Deep Listening because there is usually little to no distractions in my apartment, and there is relatively little noise in my head at this time (no side thoughts or daydreaming quite yet).  I was picking and choosing some of the different questions to answer this morning when I saw the question: “what are you listening to right now?”  And until that moment, I really hadn’t been focused on anything.  But then I started to listen for sound in my apartment, but there was nothing out of the usual.  So, I ventured outside and saw an interesting situation develop.  There was a crow perched on top of a carcass of a squirrel.  The crow was moving its head in a skeptical, jerking motion (probably trying to figure out why I was starring at it) and then it would drop it’s head and peck at the flesh of the carcass.  A few weeks ago, I probably would not have paid attention to the sounds that the beak upon flesh produced.  However, since I have been doing these listening exercises, it’s like a whole new world of sound has opened up to me.  What I found to be interesting about the crow eating the squirrel was that there were so many unique sounds:

  • There was a stretching, rubbery sound that the flesh made when the crow pulled upon it.
  • There was a dull, snapping sound when the crow cut a piece off
  • And then there was an interesting juicy, smacking sound that flesh made when moved around in the beak

I hope that this sound experience that I shared was not too gory or grotesque.  But, I found the sounds just very haunting and unique  It was the first time that I ever paid attention to the way a crow eats (or any animal for that matter).  The sounds were truly unforgettable and interesting.  Afterwords I found myself listening to the way I eat and being very critical.  This posed an unanswerable question: “does the crow criticize his own eating noises?”


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