Listening Response

February 29, 2012

Last Saturday night I attempted some field recordings of just whatever I could find.  However, it proved to be a harsh night with brutal temperatures and an unforgiving wind.  So, needless to say, most of what I picked up in my two hours of recording seemed to be just wind.  However, personally I heard a lot more than what I could record.  And I think that the most interesting thing about it is that I think that my style of listening changed because of my environment and the particular conditions of the night.  I think that normally I would say that my world revolves around a “low-def” soundscape, particularly during my school days.  But when put in an element that the mind senses as alarming, I think that my listening becomes more in tune with the “hi-def” and I certainly become more of a deep listener.

I now see why in Deep Listening animals are believed to be deep listeners.  I think that all animals, including humans must be deep listeners in nature to survive.  But since humans are not necessarily participating in the natural, animal world, we have slowly drifted away from deep listening.  However, I think that we have the tool of deep listening if we are caught in an alarming situation.  Take for instance my field recording experience: near zero degrees, wind and snow drifts, and pitch black.  Being excessively cold and damp and not being able to see well made me more attune to my other senses.  And any sound put me on alarm, even though I knew exactly where I was and was recording where I was by choice.

I just thought that it was interesting that my listening deepened due to environmental conditions.


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