Early Morning Bird Song

April 12, 2012

Today I was awakened by bird song around 5:00am.  At first I tried to block it out, but it proved unsuccessful.  So, for about two hours, in my “twilight state” of groggy awakening, I tried to listen and pick out some different birds.  Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult because there were many different bird songs in many different directions.  My only saving grace was that when I finally decided to move about, I looked out my window and could actually see the birds.  The most prominent bird that I saw (around 7:00am) was the American Robin.  There were about four.  But there was certainly other birds making other noises.  All of the noise directed me back to schafer and thinking about a hi-fi soundscape.  It was actually quite pleasing to note that in the two hours that had passed, I hadn’t noticed any mechanical noises (cars, tvs, refrigerator, and so on), and it made me wonder if this was a rare experience that used to be common in the hi-fi soundscape, but is seldom any more.  So, at first I was not so happy to be woke at 5:00, but as I stumbled about and listened to the song, I felt very pleased to awake to something like bird song, as compared to a sharp, low-fi, mechanical buzzer of an alarm.


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