I Like Pigs and Pigs Like Me

April 18, 2012

In coincidence strangely relevant to our class two weeks ago, I just happened to stumble upon a reference to artist Miru Kim’s installation I Like Pigs and Pigs Like Me, undoubtedly related to Joseph Beuys’ I Like America and America Likes Me.  I thought I’d share, although her exhibit doesn’t seem to have received nearly as much attention as Beuys’ did.  Also, this website gives a bit of a different perspective on Kim’s intentions with the installation than the first, but the contrast between these two accounts is interesting in its own right.  Essentially, Kim seems to focus more on finding her humanity by living with these pigs than Beuys did, instead of trying to become or access the animal by living with them.  Her focus on skin and nudity, not just in this piece, also lends a different flavor to her work.  However, it seems that she is still exploring the relationship between human and animal, albeit in a light we haven’t encountered thus far.


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