Relationship of Animal and Man

I saw this news story on Yahoo News about a pitbull going through great lengths to save its owner from a train. I found it fascinating because I’ve heard many stories like this before. It’s a great lens through which to analyze the relationship between man and animal, or more specifically in this instance, man and dog.



Dream Sounds

May 3, 2012

For my Deep Listening exercise, I chose to address the idea of sound in dreams – sparked by Oliveros’ suggestion of “Dream Sharing” on page 4.  Instead of sharing with a partner, as instructed in the book, I kept a dream journal over the past few days to examine.  I expected to notice some sort of soundscape in my dream, whether it be insect sounds, bird sounds or even just the natural weather in the background of my mind’s creation – but so far as I can remember, the only sounds I could hear were the ones that were pertinent to my dream (which as dream logic is rather strange, caused these to be quite odd) or ones I actively noticed were missing, and seem to have inserted into my dream actively if I was dreaming lucidly. In cases where I was trying to remember a completed dream, I hardly had any memory of noticing sounds. Over the past few days, I’ve encountered indoors and outdoor environments in my dreams, but all were lacking in ambient noise – I found that I experienced much more focus in my dreams on color schemes and emotion than sound.  I’m not sure if this means that I am simply not attuned to listening for sounds in my dreams, if dream sounds don’t exist for me because I don’t notice many soundscapes in my waking life and thus do not produce them subconsciously, or if I am not remembering sounds I hear in my dreams after having awoken.  I am inclined to think that I am not noticing sounds in the real world, and thus when I create a dream world do not insert these elements of reality into fiction.  Uexhull writes about how a stimulus – in this case a sound – must be noticed by the subject in order for it to exist in their umwelt.  Essentially, only sounds that are noticed are deemed relevant and analyzed by the subject for a part of their perceived world.  And since the dream world is dependent at least in part on this real world, if there is a lack of noticed sound material for the subconscious to draw on, then the dream world will be sparsely populated with sounds. Especially after taking this class, I thought I was fairly in touch with the sound aspect of our world, however my own subconscious seems to indicate that I don’t notice nearly enough of the sounds that surround me in my every day life.

Dawn Chorus, May 1st

May 1, 2012

May 1st usually is a good day for hearing from the birds, as they migrate through, so it was appropriate that insomnia had me up in time to record this dawn chorus. What species can you identify? The chorus was over in a half hour. I like to think of this wave of song, continuously sweeping the planet (24/7), as we rotate into the dawn.